E30 Headlight Washer Full Kit


The most complete kit you can get for your E30. Comes with everything
you need. Cannot guarantee perfect working as this kit is 30 years old.
But on paper it is a guaranteed working kit with complete relays and
wiring harness with wiper stalks.


This kit will set you apart from the rest of the pack. If you are
looking to be an individual or have always been dreaming of headlight
wipers this is the kit for you. You will not find a more complete kit in
this condition.


We can install the kit as well as make it work. We have successfully
installed a previous kit.

P40,000 complete kit

P46,000 installed on your E30


These kits are very rare and are never this complete. And the price of
these kits are only going up. Don’t miss out! Just send us a PM or text


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